Fight: Winning the Battles that Matter Most by Craig Groeschel [REVIEW]

Craig Groeschel isn’t funny. That’s probably harsh to say about a guy I’ve never met, seeing as how reading such a comment written by someone else towards me would probably hurt my feelings. But I think he knows his jokes are bad–most preachers do. But they still spit punchlines like their paycheque depends on it. […]

I got an iPhone 5 for FREE! …and how you can too!

I am writing this article on the absolutely beautiful 4″ screen of a new iPhone 5, that I have owned for a week, and didn’t pay a dime for. (Okay, so maybe I only typed the first sentence actually on the iPhone, just so I could write that sentence.) [tentblogger-youtube xNsGNlDb6xY] Did you catch that […]

Hearing God’s Voice :: Shut up and listen up (Part 3)

This is the conclusion of the Hearing God’s Voice series. To read Part 1 and 2, click here and here. Have you ever heard God’s voice? Is that even possible. How do you “follow God’s leading?” 4. Trust your experiences God is constantly trying to teach us something. He has likely pulled you through a […]

Review: “The Gospel According to Jesus” by Chris Seay

People are not good or bad; they are simply broken, and God has either restored them to shalom or is seeking to restore them to shalom. Imagine seeing people as “broken shalom” or “shalom,” rather than good or bad. If you see them in the midst of broken shalom, it does not allow you to […]

Review: “You Were Made to Make A Difference” by Max Lucado and Jenna Lucado Bishop

Purpose in life–don’t we all want to know that we have it? Those who aren’t sure of their purpose, may simply float through life. Those who feel they have it, wake up in the morning with a spring in their step, certain that they’re living for something. In the teen version of You Were Made […]

Hearing God’s Voice :: Seek Counsel (Part 2)

Many of us when we have a big question to answer in our life, we seek out counsel, and as follower’s of Christ, we’re usually encouraged to “listen to God’s leading.” What? How do I that? What’s God’s leading, other than Christianese? While it certainly isn’t easy to hear God’s voice amongst all the noise […]