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Maybe I’ve just read too many Left Behind Series books, but perhaps it is possible that Bono could actually be the Antichrist!

I mean think about it… Lahaye and Jenkins portray him to be someone who is internationally known and well-liked by all–someone you would not expect to be someone so evil.

Just read this article… I’m not going to promote one way or the other… just think what you want to about the story at the U2 concert.

One thing is for sure… I do not agree with Bono if he is trying to promote a unity among Christians, Jews, and Muslims. I believe we have our connections with them. But don’t even try to tell me that we all serve the same God.

Post your comments to this article. I’d love to hear what people think of it. It’s definitely interesting and it makes you think.

Update: Please check out this article as well regarding the same idea. It’s written tongue-in-cheek.

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  1. II Timothy 3 tells us to avoid people who have a form of godliness but deny the true power of God.

    Please ask yourself before juding what is the true power of GOD.

    Is it not Charity? Real Love?

    We are alive to live in chairty with one another.

    It is above all…

    What you are experiancing is fear.

  2. Enoch,
    Thanks very much for your comments. Although, I am wondering whether you actually read the Relevant Magazine article link I posted, with regards to my comments.

    I agree with you in that charity and love are on the forefront of who God is and how He desires for us to live our lives. Over and over again, we see in scripture that the downtrodden of our world are of great concern to God and He tells us repeatedly that we should be concerned for them as well and take action to care for them. In this manner, Bono is an example to the entire world.

    However, it is also clear from Scripture that God is a jealous God and that there is only ONE way to come to Him in faith, and that is through faith in Christ. Therefore, I have issues with Bono for his promotion of Christianity alongside Islam and Judaism. While I believe interfaith dialogue is incredibly important and that the similarities between the belief systems are a good foundation to begin that dialogue, we so quickly forget about the differences. And this issue of salvation through Christ is a big difference. Thus my issue with Bono.

    As for the idea of Bono being the Antichrist, the last I checked there is no restriction in Revelation saying the Antichrist will NOT be a philanthropist. In fact, Satan’s best tactic to attract and deceive people is to imitate God’s prophets, also seen in scripture. So the idea he cannot be the Antichrist simply because he’s such a wonderful guy who helps out orphans means nothing.

    Finally, all said in done, Bono being the Antichrist is said very much tongue-in-cheek. It’s just meant to make you think. Thanks again for your comments. God bless.

  3. I was on my way home from a funeral this morning, Bono comes on the radio singing “with or without you.” I thought that the lyrics were blasphemous! and then I wondered if he was the antichrist. so I looked it up on the internet and was suprised to find dozens of websites debating the same thing, it makes me wonder? Is that what they call an epiphany? a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

    1. You can think of just about any person and anything and look it up and there will be something about it on the internet. Bono the antichrist…really? I don’t even think you who are posting this believe that. He resembles the second coming of Christ more than the antichrist. Look yourselves in the mirror every once in a while instead of embarrasing yourselves by accusing someone who is acutally making a positive differnece in the world while improving many peoples lives with his thoughtful observations and music along the way. He is like Jesus as a rock star. Give him a break. The world is better off with him in it. Not many can honestly say that.

      1. Great thoughts my friend…although I would strongly hesitate to suggest that he resembles the second coming of Christ. If Jesus’ ministry on earth while he was here the first time is any indication–he spent 3 years fighting people off who wanted to make Him king so he would fight against the Roman oppression. Instead he took a very humble approach, without a home, and was very much a poor man–quite different from the life Bono leads as a rockstar, I would say. Not dissing Bono for spending what he earns, he’s just definitely not Jesus. : )

  4. What a pile of Crap!

    Bono has always maintained Christ as Gods son and the redemption power of the Cross. Bono is an enemy of Satan. He does not however promote his own godliness; that is only something that critics assume and wrongly conclude… he is challenging the church and people don’t like it; tough. Isaiah was hardly popular in his day!

    Watch the Hybels interview with Bono on Youtube and you will be left under no illusions of his views.

    Tell me what is wrong with Christians, Jews and Muslims etc existing in peace together? What is wrong with people working together to alleviate poverty? I’m sure in our own walks of life we meet and have to work with people who’s views we do not share..

    Unfortunately the kind of ignorance, judgment and stupidity shown in this topic is likely to keep people away from God rather than draw them near.

    It’s a shame because much of the other stuff on the site it excellent, especially the article about the prosperity Gospel.

    I was fortunate enough once to have some dealings with U2 regarding a documentary I made in Rwanda and U2 kindly let me use one of their songs.. I can tell you that you are way off mark. Unlike most other evangelicals Bono is a constant purveyor and promoter of the Gospel and all it stands for… In a year that have seen evangelicals be totally misled by the Todd Bentley movement Bono remains constant to what he has been called for.. giving a voice to the worlds poor.

  5. Yeah, I’ll pray for you people.

    Bono tries to preach a little religous tolerance and he’s the anti-christ. Wow! And you wonder how Christians are viewed as being ‘stupid’ by the rest of the world.

    Go sit in judgment of yourself. Bono’s message has a lot more of Christ’s ideology in it than your blog will ever have!

    1. Hey Joel. Thanks for your comments. Although they do show ignorance for the Christian faith. What you refer to as “a little religious tolerance” in Bono suggesting these religions are all one in the same is a great oversight regarding one of the statutes of Jesus’ teaching. Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All must go through Him to accept the gift of salvation from the Father. Through Him ALONE! So whether you agree with this theology or not, this is the reason why Bono’s suggestions appear to be so heretical.

      So forgive us ‘stupid’ Christians for following Christ’s words in Scripture.

      1. Yeah, but Bono never said that all religoins were equal or that one in the same. What he said was “Jesus, Jew, Mohammed, it’s true… all sons of ABRAHAM.”

        Now, since you wish to insinuate that I am ignorant of the Christian faith (I didn’t know you were an expert yourself), I will say that I have read my Bible and I know that the Islamic faith stemmed from the descendants of Ishmael while the Jewish faith descends from the sons of Isaac… both sons of Abraham. So what he said was true and Biblically backed. The article in question from “Relevant Magazine” misquoted him and then proceeded to chastize and criticize Bono for something that simply wasn’t said.

        Also, I noticed the article’s author, Tara Leigh Cobble, is a budding Christian musician herself. Maybe Ms. Cobble is subconciously criticizing Bono because he succeeds where most contemporary Christian audiences fail… by reaching an audience badly in need of spiritual healing rather then keeping their music within the flock and handing medicine out to the healthy.

        Had Bono actually said what he was accused of saying, I would have been the first one to say it was wrong, but that is not what was said at all. I am tired of Christian publications putting down the man for things he has quite simply never done. If you would read
        “Bono in Conversation” by Michka Assayas, the chapted titled “Add Eternity to That,” Bono very much proclaims his affilliation with the CHRISTIAN faith, citing the sacrificial lamb, quoting the scriptures, and reiterating the Christian concept of Grace and how it defines us from all other religious beliefs. But why do that when you can judge the Christian faith of a man you don’t know, never met, and base that on erroneous information.

        Sorry if my “stupid” comment came across as abrasive, but I’ll be honest… I’ve heard so much ignorance come out of the mouths of Christians these days… from the “Obama is the antichrist” juggernaut to the hate-filled things said by high ranking members of the so-called Christian Right that I’m literally wondering if there will be any end to the constant embarrassment these pharisees and false prophets cause on decent believers like myself who really only want to hear the truth and nothing else.

  6. I thought I was the only one,thank GOD!

    First of all christians, muslims and jews believe in the same god and actually call him by similar names if you take the bible in aramaic translation. As my muslem friend call us “people of the book”, referring to christians(gospel), muslims(quran),jews(torah).

    I believe just like most of you have posted that Bono is the antichrist. I have several reasons.
    Minor reasons: friends/family call him antichrist,quoted as saying “I’m waiting for the pope to leave so I can take over”,real name Paul
    David Hewson,attended Mount Temple or should I say Temple Mount school,wing man Adam Clay ton,oops,BONO VOX;MEANING GOOD VOICE OR VOICE OF THE PEOPLE,deep satanic verses for the ones who reflect,like tjmcneil,I know almost all songs are satanic,ELEVATION PARTNERS(another cover for the satanist around the world),what does it mean,well it means get to higher ground,also elevate yourself spiritually-,PROJECT RED(project Colorado),that’s high enough before what ever calamity befalls us,NOAH/NOA, others
    but siriusly though ab,IRELAND NOT ENGLAND

    Hey does U2 really mean U2 or…

  7. Read the lyrics to the song “in Gods Country”..the words should catch your attention…especially at the end where he says “I stand by the sons of cain”…that should say it all.

  8. “Beware the silent man, for his unknown intentions make him most dangerous.”
    It is SILENCE that will coerce us all to the lowest part of hell, we will all be burning while hearing the screams of those we could have helped all through eternity.

    BONO is the loudest voice on the PLANET right now..which means he has less than nothing concerning hell to worry about! And neither do we if we keep speaking TRUTH to power! And continue to concern ourselves with the plight of the poor!

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