Calling God “Daddy”

What do you think of people calling God “Daddy”? Does it lose the reverence Scripture clearly teaches we need to have for God.

Is it ok for us translate “Abba” as Daddy, to a culture where different from our own.

You can probably tell I don’t agree with it. I know how much God loves me. But I don’t think we need to change the verbiage.

More so we need to adjust our hearts to be sensitive to the unconditional love Christ has for us, and we need to love him back with a child-LIKE love… Not childISH!

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  1. You say that it is “childish” to call God Daddy. Is that your opinion? Can you support that kind of statement? 


    1. Hey LaTeisha. Thanks for the comment. To argue over whether it’s childish to call God “Daddy” really misses the point. In raising the question, my main concern is whether the believer has true reverence for our God and Creator in his/her heart–not so much if using the term is childish. This is something I and all believers can only answer for themselves. For ME, calling God “Daddy” lacks reverence in my heart if I were to do so. Therefore I do not use the term. I would not however judge someone else for using it–unless perhaps it was done publicly in a service. But that’s another story.

      Does that make sense? What’s your opinion?

      1. It’s not childish to call God daddy. As believers, we can call him and be intimate with him no matter who is watching us and no matter where we are. But calling God daddy can be misconstrued ifyou only just call on him when you need something. Calling God daddy opens doors for intimacy with God. He is our dad that cares for us. It also helps us understand a little bit more into God’s unconditional love towards us.

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