I got an iPhone 5 for FREE! …and how you can too!

I am writing this article on the absolutely beautiful 4″ screen of a new iPhone 5, that I have owned for a week, and didn’t pay a dime for. (Okay, so maybe I only typed the first sentence actually on the iPhone, just so I could write that sentence.) [tentblogger-youtube xNsGNlDb6xY] Did you catch that […]

Resolving NOT to resolve in 2011

How many of you have already eaten that piece of chocolate and declared you would not begin your New Year’s Resolution until Monday? I get the impression many in general have given up on New Year’s resolutions as we are finally realizing how horrible we are at fulfilling them, and how ineffective they often can […]


According to psychologists we’re only born with two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. That means that every other fear is learned. Which means that every other fear can be unlearned. Here’s a definition of faith: the process of unlearning ungodly fears. The enemy is a fear monger. He wants […]

When the Bicycle Threatened the Church

In 1896, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church condemned bicycling on Sunday for enticing parishioners away from church and violating the Fourth Commandment: The Sabbath, the Lord’s Day of rest for the body, and of worship for the soul, is especially threatened by many unscriptural innovations…Sunday bicycle pleasure riding… Hard to imagine in our […]

[Below from Bronze Medalists] I read a fascinating psychological study a few years that involved Olympic medalists. It found that bronze medalists are quantitatively happier than silver medalists. On one level that doesn’t make sense because the silver medalists beat the bronze medalists. It seems like silver medalists ought to be happier. But the difference […]