Failure vs. Success

Most organizations only see the bird they have in their hand. this is my bird! I will hang onto it. We get paralyzed. We clutch at the familiar because we can’t see the alternatives. WE have to make change more exciting than standing pat. You have to create new alternatives. Wherever you see innovation at work, you will find momentum. You have to experiment with 1000 things, to find the ten that works. Trees drop thousands of acorns. The oak tree doesn’t know where the fertile ground is. The acorns are a search strategic to find the right combination of soil and light to grow. Where are our acorns? We are so anxious to find that one giant acorn, that we don’t generate enough crazies ideas to get that. We experiment with incremental change. But it’s never enough to beat the bell curve. — Gary Hamel

Life and Death

Write something about our death to self and new life in Christ.

Use examples of things that die and new life is produced as a result, after fire, changing of seasons, pruning.

In Love or In Lust?

“But don’t tell me that this is a love story. This is a lust story. You have to get to know someone to really be “in love” with them. Otherwise, it’s just hormones. Good luck with everything after.” — Jeff Overstreet, Christianity Today on the movie Twilight

True Fasting

Write something on what God sees as true fasting using Isaiah 58 as a reference.

“On the day of your fasting, you do as you please and exploit all your workers.” (v. 3)

Isaiah speaks against our Western society

Write something with regards to Isaiah 56:9-12, and beyond. It talks about the wicked and how they are as lazy as dogs, lacking knowledge, with great appetites, “they never have enough.” Each seeks his own gain, similar to the individualism of our culture. As well it describes how they wish to party and have fun, obviously not knowing what is to come for them.

Draw parallels between the description of the people in this passage, the people left behind in Israel after the others were exiled, and our North American culture today.

Defend Your Country and its Rulers

Write something on the necessity of being faithful and loyal to the authority figures over us, whether we agree with what they believe and do or not.

Esther 2.22 –> Mordecai warned King Xerxes about the plot to kill him.

Why do we go to church every week?

Write something on the need to have fellowship each week with other Christians as instructed by God.

“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” — Hebrews 10:25

To marry or not to marry a non-believer

Write something about the need people must have for marrying people who have committed their lives to Christ. They must not marry someone who is not a Christian. Prove this teaching by referring to the fall of the Israelite kingdom after King Solomon, the wisest man of the world, married foreign women and was led astray. Also, cite Nehemiah 13:23-28 and how adamant Nehemiah was to get the foreign men and women out of Judah after they had returned from Exile pointing out that this type of sin was a great contributing factor to the Exile in the first place–God’s wrath upon His people for their sin.