This is an incredible video put together by World Vision fully satirizing the “sad” life that some of us live here in the West. Such a video should motivate us to stop our whining and realize just how much we are blessed to be living in the West. I hesitate to say it, but having […]

Here’s a good list of things that you can do a self-check with as to whether you and others are growing spiritually. 1. Willingness to Serve in the local body. 2. Willing to be a Servant leader.

Has anybody else noticed that the there is a new trend being formulated by Christians, particularly Christian artists? In the late 90s, early 00s, we had the big ‘worship music’ surge where suddenly all of the Christian artists made ‘worship’ albums, somehow different from their regular genre of music. Then that morphed

Not For Sale Campaign Check out the video. Check out the website. Support the cause in anyway you can. Considering it’s us consumers who support such things, that is the need to produce products that we eventually buy here in the West, we should be doing something to work against it as well.

Boundless Line: Remember the Sabbath: “Through Sabbath-keeping, we experienced the truth that God’s love for us isn’t based on what we do.” Here’s a great article, reminding us of our need to take a break at least once through the week. God created the Sabbath shortly after He created humans… maybe there’s a connection there.

World Music + Christian Direction :: RELEVANT MAGAZINE I have been living my life faithful to God (with increasing maturity over the years) since I was about seventeen years old. And ever since then I have struggled with this whole deal about secular music, or rather what might not be considered edifying to a Christian.

Poor with Jesus :: RELEVANT MAGAZINE Now here’s an article that rings true with my heart. As God has truly pressed upon my heart a desire to help out those who have nothing, I am touched by an article like this that exclaims our need to provide for physical needs–whether it be before or after […]