CTV.ca | West indifferent to refugees, Jolie says I gotta tell ya… I’m loving all of this attention these celebrities are bringing to Africa. And the amazing thing is there are actually people like Jolie who aren’t stupid and

CTV.ca | Matt Damon uses fame to highlight African poverty It’s good to see more celebrities, especially someone like Damon whom I respect as an actor, put in plugs for Africa. Let’s hope he doesn’t stop at a two-week holiday there.

Today, while I crunched my abs on my sister’s Ab Lounge, I had the TV on watching the only channel we get, therefore watching the rich-woman-targeted show The View. I was turned off simply by who the target audience is. Their focus is on looking good, whether it’s fake or not and no matter how […]

CTV.ca | Christians pray for MPs, more conservative laws It’s nice to see the Christian’s “supporting” the government instead of accusing it of all the sin that it commits. I’m saying it doesn’t commit sin. I just don’t think that should be our focus.

TIME.com: Starting a Slow Schism This is an interesting article on the Episcopalian Church in the States. If you don’t know who the Episcopalians are, this is the group of “Christians” who are often in the news with a

CTV.ca | MPs hike expense allowance by 20 per cent Read this article about the Canadian Government increasing the living allowances of the MPs. My favourite line is “There were members who were having a hard time staying within the limit.” …yeah… not even going to comment on that. After living here in Kenya for […]

poonmonkey: A Stranger a Day Read this article from my cousin Lyndsay’s blog. I thought it was funny and worth mentioning because it is a great idea. In Western culture we tend to be too much to ourselves and not really wanting to approach people if we don’t have to. However, I don’t see Christ […]

Rise of sunshine Samaritans: on a mission or holiday? | csmonitor.com This is an interesting article written about short-term missions trips. It's written by the Christian Science Monitor, so that's kind of scary. But I think their comments are still worthy of mentioning. Considering the fact that I hope to one day be leading short-term […]

CTV.ca | Hezbollah military positions destroyed: Israel I just read this article on the recent fighting on the border of Israel and Lebanon. I found it to be a very familiar story. But not a familiar story from this century–rather from the Old Testament days–the days of the Israelites, God's people, when they were attacking […]