I’m grateful for having an amazing wife who gets up out of her slumber to put breakfast together for me. I’ve never met someone with such a servant heart. I need to learn this from her and stop being so selfish! My prayer for my children is that they will learn this from her and […]

You may have noticed it’s been a long while since I’ve regularly posted to this site, in spite of the large number of people interested in Bono being the Antichrist and Muslims taking over the world. I read so much, I rarely have time to post my thoughts on what I read. So I’ve decided […]

God I thank You for pain, because it shows us how precious and rare true pleasure is, I thank You for confusion, because it allows us the opportunity to find clarity; frustration, because it allows us room to develop patience; for weakness, because it allows us to become stronger; for ignorance, because it allows us […]

1: Type in “[your name] needs” in the Google search: Trevor’s needs change and we just change with him. 2: Type in “[your name] looks like” in Google search: Trevor looks like a gentle giant, I love the shot of the terrier chasing him, LOL. Give Trev a big hug and kiss for me. ­čÖé […]

Thank you to all who were lifting up Max in prayer. After living in a Haitian jail for almost a year after doing nothing wrong, he was finally released to his family. Praise God for He answers prayer! Get the story here.

There was a study done that claims men talk nearly as much as women. They counted the number of words each gender speaks over a certain period and the numbers were very close. Therefore they are saying the common misconception that women talk more than men is not true. However, I wish to disagree.

Ok. So anyone who knows me well knows not to ask me about my computer, because I won’t shut up about it. Ever since ditching PCs forever and switching over to the real world of computing in Macintosh, it’s all I talk about. Having used PCs (and Windows obviously) for about 8 years, I made […]