For all Master’s students graduating this 2007 year, here is a special message from our faculty and staff, a congratulations to us all. (I gotta admit, Dr. Kohls looks like he’s a member of Al Quaida or he’s been captured by the same. Good look.)

So why is it that Christians are always the copy cats and not the innovators? A new website has been created called GodTube ( Funny enough they couldn’t even amass the creativity to find an original name. I guess we’ll see whether the site is actually successful. Something tells me it will come off the […]

CANOE — CNEWS – Canada: Church urges help for jailed Canuck Please pray for Max. He has been jailed in Haiti for the past eight months awaiting to hear the charges. I am told that he is doing okay in there and that he is taking the opportunity to minister to people while he is […]

HE WILL NOT DIE! DR JOSE LUIS DE JESUS IS GOD!!! I don’t want to continuously post videos, but I just saw this video and it is insane! This guys claims to be Jesus and that he will never die. Just watch it. It’s… scary that people believe this.