CTV.ca | Boy, 17, charged with 11 rapes in Montreal This story really disturbs me. I’m just glad it’s not in Toronto. Here’s a seventeen year old chasing girls around and raping them in broad daylight. Here I thought the First Nations teenagers I am working with up

CTV.ca | UN: Lack of sanitation kills millions every year Who knew toilets could make such a big difference. Too bad toilets also require plumbing and sewage systems for the sanitation to be beneficial. And such a thing isn’t always available unfortunately.

nothing is written » (not) seeing red I gotta say I am loving this new RED campaign the various companies are taking up where you buy a product and part of the proceeds go towards The Global Fund charity that brings aid to people suffering from

Macleans.ca | The future belongs to Islam Take a look at this article. Everyone in the world should read it and come to realization that Muslims are indeed intending to take over the world… as dramatic as that sounds. While I was in Kenya for a year, the same story was given to me about Africa. […]

CTV.ca | Madonna files adoption papers for Malawi boy So it’s official… Hollywood has stooped to a new level! I cannot believe this story. Madonna has actually bought an African child. It blows my mind to wonder what was going through her mind when she did this. She’s like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the […]

 I received an email today from my teacher in Kenya. A friend of mine whom I went to school with last year has become sick. There aren’t many details, but this is what the email said: I got word today that Thomas is in the hospital in Kericho. He is at the Tenwick Mission Hospital, […]

CTV.ca | Many teens keep problems to themselves: study Here’s proof that communication is the key in all relationships, especially in the life of a teenager. But as the article says, it doesn’t begin with adolescence. Rather the

CTV.ca | Canadians fail to practice good hygiene: study Here’s an article to prove the disgusting fact that too many people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. The article states 9% of people do not wash their hands. Well, I