– Caught in race, woman flies off Gardiner Here’s a story about some more stupid street racers in Toronto. One car struck another motorist and should have killed her considering the seriousness of the impact. I’m really tired of hearing these kinds of stories. I’ve seen | Top Stories | World | A party for pedophiles This story is about a government party in Holland with openly pedophiliac members who are attempting to gain seats in the legislature. This is truly sick. One of the things the party is promoting is Madonna Angers Catholics With The Cross This article talks about the recent controversy in the media in regards to the latest ploy Madonna is using in her recent concert tour. During the show, she comes out on stage crucified to a metallic cross. This is interesting in and of itself considering Madonna is

Today, while I crunched my abs on my sister’s Ab Lounge, I had the TV on watching the only channel we get, therefore watching the rich-woman-targeted show The View. I was turned off simply by who the target audience is. Their focus is on looking good, whether it’s fake or not and no matter how […]

What’s a pedophile to do? :: Well… what should you do? Is there an easy answer? Obviously not. I’m sure the majority of people would prefer they would all just… go away and never come back again. But what would God do? The courts have their own methods. What would Christ’s response be? – Bullets fell 22-year-old Here’s another example of the crap that goes on in the community surrounding my church. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s located in an area where there is a lot

ABC News: Does ‘Jesus Loves Porn Stars’ Bible Go Too Far? Check out this story about my friends at They have a great ministry going on to people in the porn industry. A lot of people seem to want to dis what they are doing, but you gotta give ’em props for the ministry. […] | Drug paraphernalia turns up at corner store Read about the corner store that is selling hash pipes and the shop keeper that is trying to claim that they are being sold to be used with tobacco. It’s great to see that there stupid people in the world who are trying to make it […] | Boy may have been killed by driver on cellphone This article tells the story of an eight year old boy who was crushed under the wheels of an SUV after the driver was driving through a residential area while talking on his cell phone. It's a very sad story, but it does not […] | Six world powers plan to sign off on Iran package I was reading this article on the deal a group of nations are making in order to convince Iran to stop the advancements in use of fission and fusion. I was struck with a thought that really made me wonder. I know that […]