Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson

Leadership is not learned in a classroom. Leadership is learned when you are thrust into a situation you didn’t anticipate and have no idea how to handle it. Those are the moments that make you or break you. You’re between an Egyptian Army and a Red Sea. What are you going to do?

Malcolm Gladwell

[Taken from his speech at Catalyst Conference 2009.]

“The path to anything real and meaningful is long.”

He shared his concern about emerging generations having it “too easy.” Our advantages might prove to be disadvantages because “quick success” doesn’t last very long. And disadvantages often prove to be advantages because of who you become in overcoming those challenges!

He said his personal philosophy is: “everyone is interesting.” And the onus is on YOU to figure out what makes them interesting. Like that approach to people.

“Don’t play by the rules.”

David defeated Goliath because he didn’t play by the rules! He didn’t fight with swords. He pulled out a slingshot.

“Read random things.”