Christmas greeting cards: what’s the point?

I’m currently staring at a stack of colourful cardboard on my desk, each piece nicely folded in half. One pictures three wisemen, another wishes “Merry Christmas” in big letters, and still another a picture of a cute puppy with antlers. Oh the joys of receiving another Christmas greeting card.

Now that they are in a pile, and since I don’t work with children and have no desire to keep old cards for future craft ideas, I have no other desire than to file them in the recycling. Is that wrong of me? Is it wrong that I think they are a waste of time and money?

As I open and read each one, apart from the tear-jerking verse Hallmark produced for this stack, the only writing by the sender is my name and the sender’s name. Really?? You wanted to wish me a Merry Christmas so badly, the only personalization you had time to give it was my name, as you quickly passed through the stack of dollar store cards you just picked up?

Perhaps I’m too insensitive, but I’m from a frame of mind where if you’re going to give any card, you need to personalize it someway to make it special. Just a simple sentence or two encouraging the person in who they are or reflecting on a past experience between you and the receiver… SOMETHING that would require some thought put into it.

Otherwise, only writing Merry Christmas with my name… you might as well write a generic email and hit SEND TO ALL.

As for this stack of Christmas cards on my desk, I will recycle them, and I’ll soon be blowing my nose in them with the tissue that is made from them.

Question: Do give out Christmas cards? Do you personalize them in some way? Am I jerk for wanting to throw out an impersonal card immediately after I finish reading it?

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