[Below from Bronze Medalists]

I read a fascinating psychological study a few years that involved Olympic medalists. It found that bronze medalists are quantitatively happier than silver medalists.

On one level that doesn’t make sense because the silver medalists beat the bronze medalists. It seems like silver medalists ought to be happier. But the difference maker was focus. The silver medalists tended to focus on the fact that they could have won a gold medal and it produced feelings of disappointment. The bronze medalists tended to focus on the fact they almost didn’t win any medal and it produced feelings of gratitude.

Your focus determines your reality.

[Below from Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving]

The Battersons have a family value: your focus determines your reality. We repeat that all the time around our house. And it’s true. If you focus on things that are right and pure and good and just, Ala Philippians 4:8, you move towards righteousness, purity, goodness, and justice. It’s as simple as that. If you lose your focus you lose your faith.

The thing I love about Thanksgiving is that it gets you focused on the things you’re grateful for. It cultivates an attitude of gratitude. And I will make you this promise: if you spend an hour counting your blessings you’re feel blessed. And the truth is, you are blessed. I don’t even need to know your circumstances. If you know Jesus Christ, you are blessed beyond anything this world has to offer.

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