Secrets of Dynamic CommunicationIf you’ve ever seen or heard Ken Davis speak, mentioning his name has already brought a smile to your face–he’s a funny guy, and a great communicator. What better person, I suppose, to write a book called Secrets of Dynamic Communication: Prepare with Focus, Deliver with Clarity, Speak with Power.

This is a fantastic book for anyone who desires to communicate well, more specifically those who write and do any sort of public speaking. Being someone who likes to write and speak publicly, I am always looking for good advice as to how to improve my abilities. I cannot think of any leader or public speaker in the world and all-time that was so good that they couldn’t improve their abilities in some way, especially since communication is such an integral part of our world, no matter your culture. We can all improve.

Davis’ book (and conference of the same name) follows the ‘SCORRE’ method: Subject, Central Theme, Objective, Reasoning, Resources, and Evaluation.

Such a method for most people would be hard to implement into their writing and speaking abilities. Reading through this book I can feel myself already fighting against it because it doesn’t follow the path to writing that we are taught in school (at least I wasn’t). Planning what you want to write before you write it? What? That’s crazy! Yeah, that’s right! Crazy GOOD!

I already plan to buy copies of this book for my two pastors this Christmas–and they are both great communicators. Buy this book yourself already! Thanks Booksneeze for giving me a copy to review.

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