I am writing this article on the absolutely beautiful 4″ screen of a new iPhone 5, that I have owned for a week, and didn’t pay a dime for. (Okay, so maybe I only typed the first sentence actually on the iPhone, just so I could write that sentence.)

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Did you catch that first part? I got the phone for FREE, and no, I didn’t sweet talk a salesman into giving me a better price–I’m terrible at that stuff. Actually, my bank–the good people at ING Direct–paid for the phone. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and they’re offering the same deal to anyone that receives a pay cheque.

What do you have to do? You just have to open an ING Thrive Chequing account, setup your pay cheque for direct deposit to this new account, and after the first direct deposit is made, ING Direct will actually mail you an Apple gift card for $100–no strings attached.

I suppose setting up the direct deposit is a string. But considering you could easily cancel your direct deposit setup to this new at any time, I suppose it’s a string that could easily be cut–and ING isn’t going to be knocking on your door asking for the gift card back. (I don’t imagine it will take you long to find something to spend it on anyways.)

200 Apples in My Pocket

I didn’t actually believe it was going to work. Nothing actually happened after the initial deposit. But then all of a sudden, after a week or two, I got an envelope in the mail from ING Direct, and I could feel my precious gift card inside. A hundred dollars to spend on whatever I like with that little white macintosh on it.

Now, you’re probably saying, “A hundred dollars doesn’t buy an iPhone 5”–I know that. I setup a Thrive Chequing account for my wife as well. I wanted to make her a joint account holder on my own chequing account, and so in setting up her account and direct deposit, we were suddenly in possession of $200 in gift cards.

Make Another 50 Bucks! (or More)

But it gets even better than that! ING Direct offers a referral program where referring a friend to setup an ING Direct account will earn both you and your friend $25 a piece, if your first deposit is $100 or more. But wait–there’s more! For the month of November and December, they’ve doubled the referral bonus to $50 for you and for your friend. Sweet deal!

ING Direct: Refer a Friend

So far, I’ve made $200 just in referral bonuses: two friends have setup accounts using my ORANGE KEY ‘34561072S1’ ($50 to each of them and myself), and when I setup my wife’s chequing account, I made $50, and so did she. (I’ve also made $250 from my Mastercard this year in cash back–if you want to know how I did that, tell me in the comments below.)

Now the question is, Do you want to make $150? All you have to do is fill out a form online using my Orange Key (you can click on the orange key in the right sidebar of this website) or a friend’s Orange Key by Dec. 31st, and setup your direct deposit. Refer a friend of your own, and you’ve got yourself a FREE iPhone 5.

Now, that’s a killer deal!

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