I have had many people tell me that they love me, whether it be the love of my parents, the naive love of a preteen crush, or the deep love that comes from my wife.

I love you Daddy

Love in marriage is so important. It brings two single people together after they’ve considered their prospects, gauged whether they could stand the person for the rest of their life, and hopefully that leads to a commitment that lasts a lifetime.

But then there’s the love a child gives to a parent.

It’s innocent and naive (but in a different way from preteens). Like having a faithful canine, it can be close to unconditional, without asking for much in return–mostly just your time and attention.

Receiving that love is worth every minute I can be around Shiloh–whether she slept well last night or not!

When I lay down with my daughter for a few minutes each night at bed time, and she turns towards me and says, “Daddy, I love you,” without any sort of prompting, it just makes my heart melt. I could have been speaking impatiently with her just a few minutes before, perhaps even have put her on the time-out step. No matter what may have happened, it doesn’t matter. She loves me anyways.

And that just blows me away!

I don’t know what I’m doing when I parent. No one seems to, since parenting styles must adapt to a child’s personality. But I do my best, with God’s help. Nevertheless, I feel undeserving of receiving such innocent love.

It’s the same kind of “innocent” love that we need to give back to God, as we have faith in him. He calls us his children. And just like my daughter loves me and trusts that I will take care of her needs and keep her safe, so I do the same in my relationship to my Father.

I am a great father when I trust in the Great Father.

What’s the best part about being a father? The love of a child.

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