Today we went to the local primary school for Junior Kindergarten orientation for Shiloh. She’ll be starting school in September. This is our first child to head off to school, so it’s a bit of an apprehensive experience for us.


Each student had a coloured name tag which corresponded to the group of other students they would go around the school to the various activity stations. It was very boring to me. But for Shiloh, she was potentially meeting some of her classmates for the first time.

Being in Toronto, I was excited to see how many students Shiloh’s age were not WASP’s (white Anglo-Saxon Protestants). It made me kind of jealous, since there was only one non-white person in the 300+ student primary school I attended as a kid.

At the same time, it’s the first time she will be truly surrounded by so many who will influence her impressionable mind in a way that I cannot fully control. At daycare, at church, I know the environment she is in. At school, it’s very much controlled by the government.

Many parents in our Christian circles are considering or have already decided to put their kid in a Christian private school. I scoff at the idea as I went through public school and came out the other side reasonably unscathed. I’m also too cheap to do that.

Regardless, I am still worried. I have beautiful daughters and in the world we live in, sometimes your mind goes to worst-case-scenario. I know it’s ridiculous to do that. But it is very possible for something very bad to happen.

What can I do, but trust God for her safety and protection. It’s out of my hands. I also pray and ask God to help me to do what is necessary to teach her what is ok and what is not.

As a result I’ve been wondering how old a child has to be before they can learn Tae Kwon Do.

What about you? Did you put your kid in public or private school? How did you prepare your child and yourself for it?

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