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Now here’s an article that rings true with my heart. As God has truly pressed upon my heart a desire to help out those who have nothing, I am touched by an article like this that exclaims our need to provide for physical needs–whether it be before or after you share the Gospel, we need to provide for physical needs above all else. We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

From the article:

Religiosity tells us that those who are poor can’t know Jesus, because if they did, they would certainly do something about their poverty.

Go outside right now, buy some hot soup and give it to someone on the street. It’s the very LEAST we can do!

How to Be a Disciple :: RELEVANT MAGAZINE

Take the words of this article to heart. It is so true that we are unable to do anything on our own. This is why I point to God in my passion for helping those who have nothing. I know that the things I have experienced and done in my life I would never be able to do unless God was leading me towards them and putting certain desires upon my heart… breaking my heart as I witness what it truly means to have… to have nothing. We all need to be disciples of Christ, but we can’t do it without Him–without the One we are trying to be like. May you abide in Him and His words abide within you.

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