To Be Satisfied

I want to write something relating the Israelites dissatisfaction of the quail and manna God provided for them in the desert to the dissatisfaction people find in material things, and the fact that they are always wanting more.

Illustration: Dog offered a big bone by a butcher. Sees his reflection in a puddle and decides he wants the “bigger” bone in the reflection. Growls at his reflection, tosses his bone, and goes for the bigger one realizing that it’s not really there.

Romeo & Juliet –> Art thou not satisfied?

Can we be satisfied with the things God has blessed us with?

Matt. 6:19   “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Mark 8:12

poonmonkey: A Stranger a Day

Read this article from my cousin Lyndsay’s blog. I thought it was funny and worth mentioning because it is a great idea. In Western culture we tend to be too much to ourselves and not really wanting to approach people if we don’t have to. However, I don’t see Christ falling into such a shadow. Perhaps we too could learn to talk to people more often.

Props to my cousin. I love her and miss her and she’s the smartest person I know! | Boy may have been killed by driver on cellphone

This article tells the story of an eight year old boy who was crushed under the wheels of an SUV after the driver was driving through a residential area while talking on his cell phone. It's a very sad story, but it does not surprise me.

After living in Toronto for two years, I have encountered enough stupid people in traffic while crossing the street at intersections. I cannot count how many people there were on my hands who pulled a stupid stunt in the middle of the intersection. And after looking to see who the idiot is behind the wheel, you see they are on their cell phone. Continue reading “”

Rise of sunshine Samaritans: on a mission or holiday? |

This is an interesting article written about short-term missions trips. It's written by the Christian Science Monitor, so that's kind of scary. But I think their comments are still worthy of mentioning.

Considering the fact that I hope to one day be leading short-term missions trips, this article was interesting to me. It was basically saying that people Continue reading “” | Hezbollah military positions destroyed: Israel

I just read this article on the recent fighting on the border of Israel and Lebanon. I found it to be a very familiar story. But not a familiar story from this century–rather from the Old Testament days–the days of the Israelites, God's people, when they were attacking and being attacked by neighbouring nations.

I have been reading through Joshua and Judges lately. As well, I recently read Jeremiah and we are studying Isaiah right now in a course called "Major Prophets." With this in the background, I cannot help but make Continue reading “” | Six world powers plan to sign off on Iran package

I was reading this article on the deal a group of nations are making in order to convince Iran to stop the advancements in use of fission and fusion. I was struck with a thought that really made me wonder.

I know that I am from Canada, a "peace" nation that refused to attack Iraq when asked to partner with the US. Maybe that is why I don't understand this. But my question is… why is it that Iran is admitting to working in fission and fusion and the US is not attacking, when the possession of nuclear weapons was the big reason why the US decided to invade Iraq… even though there was never any found? Why isn't there the same upheaval over these countries as there was over Iraq?

I can hypothesize answers, answers that I know will probably make people upset… especially Americans. Continue reading “”