Preparing for failure: Divorce before marriage?

With Valentine’s Day happening yesterday, relationships are on people’s minds. Here in Toronto, a number of people took the opportunity to tie the night in marriage, in celebration of this special day to celebrate relationships.

Over a candle-lit dinner, my wife and I were discussing the subject of discussion on the news for the day where they asked their viewers “Is marriage important to you?” Viewers called into the newscast giving their opinion on whether marriage is an old tradition and irrelevant for us today, or something to continue to hold on to tightly in celebration of commitment. There were varying views from each side.

One of the comments my wife heard from a viewer on the news reminded me Continue reading “Preparing for failure: Divorce before marriage?”

Abba, Daddy, Father: What’s in a Name?

Once again, I recently heard another sermon where the preacher used Jesus’ words of “Abba, Father” from Jesus words of prayer while He was here on earth to interpret the relationship we must have with our God as one that relates to Him as our “Daddy.”

If you missed reading my earlier post, I made the suggestion that using such terms to relate to God the Father lacks the respect and reverence for our God that Scripture clearly calls us to have. I emphasized our need to be “child-like” in our love of God, not “childish”. Continue reading “Abba, Daddy, Father: What’s in a Name?”

Unequally yoked: Yes! It is a big deal!

Simply said, yes, it is a VERY big deal to be in partnership with a person who does not hold the same beliefs as you. Scripture is clear that this should not be.

As I pointed to in my last post, 2 Corinthians 6:14 clearly states we are not to mix light with darkness. This reminds me of the accusations Jesus took from some Pharisees who claimed Jesus was a manifestation of Satan himself. The Christ responds with,

Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. If Satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand? I say this because you claim that I drive out demons by Beelzebul. — Luke 11:17, 18

For this relationship argument, Jesus’ words are what weigh heaviest for me. A kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. If this is true, how can the kingdom you will develop with your partner be built up strong and not fall if you are divided against yourselves from the beginning? You’re setting yourself up for failure.

Christmas greeting cards: what’s the point?

I’m currently staring at a stack of colourful cardboard on my desk, each piece nicely folded in half. One pictures three wisemen, another wishes “Merry Christmas” in big letters, and still another a picture of a cute puppy with antlers. Oh the joys of receiving another Christmas greeting card.

Now that they are in a pile, and since I don’t work with children and have no desire to keep old cards for future craft ideas, I have no other desire than to file them in the recycling. Continue reading “Christmas greeting cards: what’s the point?”

Resolving NOT to resolve in 2011

How many of you have already eaten that piece of chocolate and declared you would not begin your New Year’s Resolution until Monday?

I get the impression many in general have given up on New Year’s resolutions as we are finally realizing how horrible we are at fulfilling them, and how ineffective they often can be. Some ask the question, what is the significance of having a resolution or “starting fresh” just because the calendar changed to a new picture of your favourite orange tabby cat. (You have one hanging, don’t lie!)

Myself, I’ve chosen over the past few years to take the time at the beginning of the year to set Continue reading “Resolving NOT to resolve in 2011”

Unequally yoked: Is it really a big deal?

Working with young people, one of the most common questions I hear stems from the apparent Biblical principle that we should not date/marry a person who does not have the same faith in Christ as we do.

Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? — 2 Corinthians 6:14

The overarching idea seems to be that being in a relationship, with the assumption of eventually being committed to each other in marriage, to someone without the same faith standards as yourself would cause problems in the marriage, and out of a need to see eye-to-eye, could cause those strong in their faith to compromise on their beliefs.

What do you think? Is it really that important for a Christian to marry another Christian? Or is there really a case to be made for “evangelistic dating,” where the Christian tries to convert the non-believing partner?

What has your experience been? Add your comments.

Calling God “Daddy”

What do you think of people calling God “Daddy”? Does it lose the reverence Scripture clearly teaches we need to have for God.

Is it ok for us translate “Abba” as Daddy, to a culture where different from our own.

You can probably tell I don’t agree with it. I know how much God loves me. But I don’t think we need to change the verbiage.

More so we need to adjust our hearts to be sensitive to the unconditional love Christ has for us, and we need to love him back with a child-LIKE love… Not childISH!

Gretzky jersey thief caught after “Liking” sports store

Ottawa Citizen

Really? Are people as foolish as this story makes them to be? Some twenty year old tried to steal a Gretzky jersey collectors item from a store in Ottawa. They got away, but the thief was “smart” enough to have “Liked” the store in the past on the stores Facebook page, that they were able to match the face on the security video to the guys face on his Facebook profile. What a story!

Read the whole thing here on Yahoo.  **shakes his head**

My Two Cents: The Last Airbender

So I was hoping to have a post a little more prolific than a movie review to post, since it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But this is what I got.

I watched The Last Airbender last night, written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. I had heard it was either terrible, or it was just okay. I don’t think Shyamalan is ever going to make another blockbuster like The Sixth Sense again. I don’t think he’s trying… or if he is, he’s doing a terrible job.

To let you know where I stand with Shyamalan, I am THAT guy who actually likes the majority of his movies. The Happening was a bit much for me and just seemed convenient to release a movie where the environment rebels against humanity when environmentalism is so trendy right now. Other than that, I love Signs, The Village, and could watch Lady in the Water repeatedly. Shyamalan creates incredible character development in a movie that all takes place in an apartment building.

So I had high hopes for The Last Airbender, hoping that the few people that were dissatisfied with it were the same folks who didn’t like the movies I’ve just listed. Unfortunately, I did find it to be poorly done. A movie such as this had the potential to become an epic series of movies a la Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

But alas, the whole movie seemed rushed as a great deal of dialogue between characters was handled as voiceovers while the actors moved their lips on screen, instead of really taking the time to develop the story. It seemed like Shyamalan was given a time restriction before the filming even began and he was forced to stick to this. I also didn’t care much for the cinematography given to the many intense fighting scenes. With so many scenes comprising only of people moving their arms and legs around and directing air, water, or fire around with their hands, it doesn’t look that impressive when the angle is from a distance and the scene suddenly becomes a little bald boy in the middle of a crowd that looks like he’s having an epileptic seizure.

All that said, I still plan to buy this movie–senseless I know, after all I’ve just said. The fact is I am a sucker for life lessons, and there are tons of scenes in this movie where the characters are dealing with insecurities and other things that we deal with day to day. There are tons of sermon illustration clips in this film. So it’s a must buy for me for this reason… not for sheer entertainment quality.

All in all, I give The Last Airbender 2 1/2 stars.