With the arrival of our second-born imminent, I needed to find a way to be able to see both Shiloh, our three year old, and our newborn at the same time when looking at our secondary backseat mirror in the car.

For Shiloh from birth, we have been using the BRICA Deluxe Stay-in-Place Mirror suctioned just to the right of our stock rearview mirror. When she was rear-facing, we pointed it at our  which was attached to the backseat, forward-facing.BRICA In-Sight

Both BRICA mirrors served us well, apart from the Stay-In-Place not staying in place on its rear swivel after 2 years of use. The Stay-In-Place mirror is magnified so that we see Shiloh’s face up close. But not much else–it’s not wide-angle, and you definitely can’t see another baby seat beside her.

Pikibu Back

After doing some searching online for baby mirrors, there really isn’t much available, and what was available had poor reviews (3 stars or less). One exception to that was the Pikibu I-See-You Car Mirror. It is well rated on Amazon (4.5 stars), so I decided to go for it–even if it was 3-4 times the price ($24.99) of some alternative mirrors. Being able to see my kids in the backseat while I’m driving through 6 lanes of rush hour traffic is important.

The Pikibu mirror comes in one piece, no assembly required. As opposed to so many other baby mirrors that suction to the car window or clamp on to a sun visor, this mirror fits right over top of the stock rearview mirror, adjustable to pretty much any sized mirror by use of two spring-loaded feet. The top feet sit flush and static along the top edge of the mirror, and the bottom spring-loaded feet adjust to the size of your mirror, from the middle of the enlarged mirror to the bottom. This means the Pikibu mirror hangs about an inch lower than your standard stock mirror.

What makes the Pikibu so great and likely the reason the customer ratings are so high on Amazon is the extra mirror real estate it provides. It’s like going from a TV in the shape of a stock ticker and upgrading to a 80″ 4K flat screen right in front of your face. Once the mirror was installed, I could see right across the back seat of my Honda Accord with a glance at the mirror. My daughter loved it as well, as she was able to see my face so much easier with this mirror.

Unlike your standard stock review mirror which features the standard “prismatic wedge” and a telescopic magnified image that allows you to see the images out your back window closer than they actually are, the Pikibu mirror is a simple, flat and wide mirror without any magnification and no magical prismatic wedge. The mirror is easy enough to remove and re-install so that if you are doing some night driving and need to bounce the light out of your eyes from your rearview mirror, you can remove the Pikibu and use your stock mirror.

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