Resolving NOT to resolve in 2011

How many of you have already eaten that piece of chocolate and declared you would not begin your New Year’s Resolution until Monday?

I get the impression many in general have given up on New Year’s resolutions as we are finally realizing how horrible we are at fulfilling them, and how ineffective they often can be. Some ask the question, what is the significance of having a resolution or “starting fresh” just because the calendar changed to a new picture of your favourite orange tabby cat. (You have one hanging, don’t lie!)

Myself, I’ve chosen over the past few years to take the time at the beginning of the year to set goals, rather than resolutions. The main difference here being, I’m allowed to fail many times throughout the year at reaching my goal, instead of throwing away my crumpled resolution list on the back of my ketchup stained McDonald’s napkin, having… once again… given in to the Golden Arch Urge, breaking resolution number 39! Ugh!

I’m looking at the list I created last year at the beginning of 2010. I listed out 10 things. 10 goals for 2010. Here they are for all to see:

1. Find something to be grateful for everyday. — This I achieved with flying colours, as it is not hard to be grateful each day married to my beautiful wife.
2. Read through the Bible. — This did not happen, sadly. Not even close. I think I need to find a schedule to live by this year and stick to it!
3. Say “no” more, establish boundaries. — Success!
4. Date my wife on a regular basis. — Epic FAIL! Harder than I thought it would be with our busy lives.
5. Connect with 12 new people in my field. — Not sure how to measure that one in my line of business. Guess that makes a fail.
6. Stop drinking Coke. — Knocking back the pretty red can as I write this… Fail! What was I thinking?
7. Lose weight. — I lost 6 pounds from being sick the past two weeks. New goal for 2011… get sick more often.
8. Create a good foundation for my book (Everything is Permissible). — Although I had hoped to write more through the year, I think I have a good founding, something I can continue to build on and not lose focus. Success!
9. Spend MORE time with family (parents). — Done and done.
10. Preach more often. — FTW!

Based on the success and failure of my goals for 2010, I have two goals I definitely need to add for the coming year:

1. Use more leetspeak, such as FAIL, PWND, and FTW! in blog posts so as to seem more Internet “savvy” and “in the know.”
2. Review said goal list more often through the year so as to check on my status in reaching said goals.

So there you have my successes and failures in all their glory for you to ponder. My hope would be you would take a few minutes or even an hour or two over the coming days and weeks and decide what you really want to be able to say you have accomplished before 2012 arrives.

Always fight to improve yourself. Feeling you’ve arrived will only leave you lying in the dirt at the end of the year–and I’m not talking about your typical New Year’s Eve predicaments. These goals are ones you will want to remember!

Question: What goals did you achieve or fail at in 2010? What goals have you set to accomplish in 2011?

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