Preparing for failure: Divorce before marriage?

With Valentine’s Day happening yesterday, relationships are on people’s minds. Here in Toronto, a number of people took the opportunity to tie the night in marriage, in celebration of this special day to celebrate relationships.

Over a candle-lit dinner, my wife and I were discussing the subject of discussion on the news for the day where they asked their viewers “Is marriage important to you?” Viewers called into the newscast giving their opinion on whether marriage is an old tradition and irrelevant for us today, or something to continue to hold on to tightly in celebration of commitment. There were varying views from each side.

One of the comments my wife heard from a viewer on the news reminded me Continue reading “Preparing for failure: Divorce before marriage?”

Failure vs. Success

Most organizations only see the bird they have in their hand. this is my bird! I will hang onto it. We get paralyzed. We clutch at the familiar because we can’t see the alternatives. WE have to make change more exciting than standing pat. You have to create new alternatives. Wherever you see innovation at work, you will find momentum. You have to experiment with 1000 things, to find the ten that works. Trees drop thousands of acorns. The oak tree doesn’t know where the fertile ground is. The acorns are a search strategic to find the right combination of soil and light to grow. Where are our acorns? We are so anxious to find that one giant acorn, that we don’t generate enough crazies ideas to get that. We experiment with incremental change. But it’s never enough to beat the bell curve. — Gary Hamel