Hearing God’s Voice :: Seek Counsel (Part 2)

Many of us when we have a big question to answer in our life, we seek out counsel, and as follower’s of Christ, we’re usually encouraged to “listen to God’s leading.” What? How do I that? What’s God’s leading, other than Christianese? While it certainly isn’t easy to hear God’s voice amongst all the noise of our culture, I believe strongly that it is possible, and should definitely be sought out when you have no easy answers (or perhaps, even when you do have easy answers).

Last week, I began to list some of the things I did when I was seeking God’s direction when considering what school to attend for college. I suggested that we need to keep our head in the Bible. (If you haven’t yet read Part 1, you can do so here.) This week I offer two more suggestions for hearing God’s voice.

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Resolving NOT to resolve in 2011

How many of you have already eaten that piece of chocolate and declared you would not begin your New Year’s Resolution until Monday?

I get the impression many in general have given up on New Year’s resolutions as we are finally realizing how horrible we are at fulfilling them, and how ineffective they often can be. Some ask the question, what is the significance of having a resolution or “starting fresh” just because the calendar changed to a new picture of your favourite orange tabby cat. (You have one hanging, don’t lie!)

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The highlight of the day for me was Dave Ramsey’s talk. He outlined his “Momentum Theorem.” He displayed this as a mathematical formula, but here is the text version:

Focused intensity over time, multiplied by God, creates unstoppable momentum.”

He made the astute observation that “When you have momentum, you look better than you are. When you don’t have momentum you are better than you look.” This is worth memorizing. Trust me, some day you will need this. (Don’t ask me how I know!)

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1. Use your 20’s to build a foundation for your 70’s. Create deep roots that will give you a foundation for when you are older. Finishing well means starting well.

2. Don’t worry about climbing the ladder. There’s no longer a ladder anyway. It’s more like one of those spiral staircases. And sometimes you are going across or down when you think you might be climbing. So don’t worry about it. Spend your 20’s learning and having life experiences. Travel, explore Continue reading “”

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I recently sat down with all of our worship leaders here at NewSpring Church for two hours…it was seriously an amazing series of conversations.

At one point, Lee McDerment, our worship leader at the Anderson campus asked me, “What are some things all of us need to keep in mind as we lead teams.” I gave a decent answer … but after I got back to my office I began to write my thoughts down … and here are eight things I believe that every leader needs to keep in mind when leading a team.

#1 – You will never effectively motivate someone with feelings of guilt
I’ve made that mistake as a leader before, thinking if I could just get someone to feel bad they would do a better job … WRONG! No one has ever brought about significant change in the world because Continue reading “”

Life and Death

Write something about our death to self and new life in Christ.

Use examples of things that die and new life is produced as a result, after fire, changing of seasons, pruning.