Hearing God’s Voice :: Shut up and listen up (Part 3)

This is the conclusion of the Hearing God’s Voice series. To read Part 1 and 2, click here and here.

Have you ever heard God’s voice? Is that even possible. How do you “follow God’s leading?”

4. Trust your experiences

God is constantly trying to teach us something. He has likely pulled you through a tough situation in the past. What wisdom did you learn Continue reading “Hearing God’s Voice :: Shut up and listen up (Part 3)”

Abba, Daddy, Father: What’s in a Name?

Once again, I recently heard another sermon where the preacher used Jesus’ words of “Abba, Father” from Jesus words of prayer while He was here on earth to interpret the relationship we must have with our God as one that relates to Him as our “Daddy.”

If you missed reading my earlier post, I made the suggestion that using such terms to relate to God the Father lacks the respect and reverence for our God that Scripture clearly calls us to have. I emphasized our need to be “child-like” in our love of God, not “childish”. Continue reading “Abba, Daddy, Father: What’s in a Name?”

True Fasting

Write something on what God sees as true fasting using Isaiah 58 as a reference.

“On the day of your fasting, you do as you please and exploit all your workers.” (v. 3)

Praying for your relatives

The Apostle Paul had relatives who were saved before him. Is it possible his family was praying for him that he would receive Christ? Doesn’t this show the importance of praying for our family and friends?