Hearing God’s Voice :: Shut up and listen up (Part 3)

This is the conclusion of the Hearing God’s Voice series. To read Part 1 and 2, click here and here.

Have you ever heard God’s voice? Is that even possible. How do you “follow God’s leading?”

4. Trust your experiences

God is constantly trying to teach us something. He has likely pulled you through a tough situation in the past. What wisdom did you learn Continue reading “Hearing God’s Voice :: Shut up and listen up (Part 3)”

Acknowledge Him

Proverbs 3:5-6

Write something bringing together this scripture along with the stories of the Israelite kings and how they failed when they stopped acknowledging God and looking to Him in all their ways. They looked to other means instead of God and that’s when things would start going wrong.

We must put God first in our lives. Any other place of importance and God doesn’t want any of us. This is clear in scripture in the lives of the kings. He allows us to run around like a crazy person chasing dreams.

The God of All Comfort

For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. — 2 Cor. 1:5

This passage in 2 Corinthians 1, verses 3-7, is perfect for using when trying to comfort someone in mourning. It stresses the fact that Christ suffers along with us.  While the passage clearly refers to sufferings and persecution for spreading the Gospel, I believe the message can apply to others in suffering.

May be used for things like funerals.

Is. 57:1   The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. 2 Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.

Bug Illustration

Write something about the struggle a flying insect goes through to try and get through a glass window. You can try and guide it out an open window or door, but instead it tries to flee to safety and continue knocking its head against the glass. Put yourself in the place of the insect, and God’s guiding hand in the place of your guiding hand to the insect. Draw parallels.