Has anybody else noticed that the there is a new trend being formulated by Christians, particularly Christian artists? In the late 90s, early 00s, we had the big ‘worship music’ surge where suddenly all of the Christian artists made ‘worship’ albums, somehow different from their regular genre of music. Then that morphed into hymn albums where they all exploited the old hymns with all their latest versions.

Now the trend seems to be to travel to Africa, particularly South Africa, and play a show there, making it seem like they’re doing this big favour to the country for promoting them and playing a cheap show or something. But they record it all and come home and sell the CD for loads of money, essentially exploiting the very people and culture they had originally tried to promote.

It just upsets me to see this because us here in the West, and Christian’s especially, seem to take things that are trendy at the current time and they just milk it for all it’s worth until the udder falls off and the cow dies of dehydration just like the African children they had originally intended to help. How is this actually helping anyone over there?

Now if they did something noble and decided to donate all the proceeds of the sales back to the people who had originally helped out with the event, that would be a different story. But from what I can see, that’s not happening.

Westerners (and I include myself in that) are pathetic! We are so self-centred… we are so materialistic… we are so ignorant… to all that goes on around us, so much that we miss the point. We mean well and think we’re helping others, but really we’re just helping ourselves. God help us all. …if it wasn’t for His mercy…

I guess it’s easier for incredibly blessed Westerners to keep seemingly cursed Africans and the like at arms length. We wouldn’t want to get too close. We could get too involved and we all have enough problems to deal with already, like… what colour should I dye my hair today… and, the Leafs missed the playoffs again… and, somebody took my parking spot today… yeah… with all of that on our shoulders, how could anyone expect us to try and deal with world hunger, or more importantly, corrupt governments?

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  1. I have been to numerous christian concerts- from jeremy camp to casting crowns to tobymac. And you are right that they are going over there and putting these african, asian, middle eastern people up on the screens and making them a huge part of their concerts and cds. but all of these concerts i have been to have had a screen showing what they did while they were there and how much of their procedes go to these poor countries (a lot) and also they have things they support like compassion international. my husband and i sponser a child in kenya through compassion and i never would have known about it if i hadnt gone to that jeremy camp concert. i agree we are lazy as a people, but dont talk smack about these christian artists when it is out there for everyone to see that they are doing a lot of good, and bringing a lot of attention and money to these countries.

  2. Hey Arielle. Thanks for your comments. I agree with you that these artists do a lot to help the cause of many Africans. I too support a Kenyan child through Compassion, and actually had the privilege of visiting him when I lived there a few years ago.

    The point I was trying to make wasn’t so much that the artists are terrible, so much as the “Christian” corporations that provide pay cheques to these artists. There’s a wide margin between the money made off of cd sales compared to the few people who actually choose to dish out a whopping $30 a month to help a Compassion child. We should see more direct compensation, providing for these people for how they helped in the production… not simply making hollow statements promising what they are doing would help their people.

    I know this sounds harsh and incredibly critical of Christian artists and their labels. I apologize. It’s hard not to when you’ve had a chance to experience first-hand long-term poverty like I have. It’s screwed me up for life.

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