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I have been living my life faithful to God (with increasing maturity over the years) since I was about seventeen years old. And ever since then I have struggled with this whole deal about secular music, or rather what might not be considered edifying to a Christian.

Shortly after I devoted my heart to Christ around 17-18 years old, I went to the used CD store and sold off all of my non-Christian music. Then I put that money towards Christian CDs. To this day, I regret doing that. I am sure there are many CDs I don’t miss, but there are a few that I wish I had kept. Especially Lauryn Hill’s CD. I wanted it after I bought her acoustic album containing her lengthy sermonettes on why she believes what she believes now. I wanted to see what her lyrics sounded like before that.

Since then I have gotten The Miseducation… again and was unhappy about what I heard, although not surprised. Either way, the point I am trying to make, as I think about all of the hip hop music contained on my computer from artists that do not honour God… or at least not my god, is that I do believe there is truth within this “heathen music.” I believe it is possible to find Christ among all the garbage that is out there. I believe it is even possible to worship God with some of the ungodly music out there.

But as this Relevant article explains, it is not possible for this music to lead someone to the whole truth–to Christ. Rather it simply brings one to the point once again where they remember how empty they feel inside and how they have this feeling that there is more to life than what they have seen and experienced so far.

I don’t know… I hate this battle within my mind because I fear I am simply trying to justify listening to some secular music. Yet God created all things and influences all things as He sees fit. So why can’t Jay-z spit a rhyme that points listeners to something more–Christ!?

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