Today I received an email from my friends in Kenya. Thomas died of kidney failure. Here is the email I received:

Hey y’all. I don’t know if Dad sent this to you or not, but I wanted to let you know about Thomas. He died this week of kidney failure. I’m really really sad, but I can picture his big white-toothed smile as he gets his party on in Heaven. I believe Benter has now lost five children, several siblings and aunts and uncles, her father in law, and now her husband. I don’t understand why this family has been through so much pain and why God called Thomas home right when he finished his degree and was heading back to his translation project, but at least we do know that God’s timing is perfect.

Here’s Dad’s email:
Dear Friends of Thomas Mbugah:

I am sorry to have to give you this news, but I just learned that Thomas Mbugah has died of kidney failure. I don’t know anything more than that. I will tell you more when I know more.

I am very sad about this, as I know you are. None of us ever wanted or expected it to turn out this way. For now we will trust the Lord and his great mercy and wisdom. We also need to pay some attention to Benter, Devalyn, Ruth, and Renatta. They have seen too much death in too short a time. Benter will need financial help, for the short term as well as for the long term. I don’t know how she will make a living.

So let’s pray for Benter and the girls, and as God enables us, try to help them at least in their immediate needs.

Please pray for Benter, Thomas’ wife, as well as their children as their outlook looks very grim. Kenya does not have social safety nets like welfare. Benter must find work or her family will go hungry. That’s that. Please pray!

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