CTV.ca | Clinton tours tsunami-devastated area of Thailand

It’s nice to see not everyone has forgotten about those in Southeast Asia who were effected by the tsunami in 2004. One of my pet peeves with people who want to help others is that they only see the need when it is immediate–after it has just happened and fulfills a need right now, not necessarily for the future. It’s upsetting to see how quickly people forget about certain needs around the world unless they are constantly bombarded with the facts all the time (hence, the Red One Campaign).

In my narrow-minded opinion, people do not truly show they care until it doesn’t matter to others if they care or not. For example, someone might have felt compelled to assist with the need immediately after the tsunami. But what about current needs in Southeast Asia two years after the event? Are we still willing to assist in anyway?

In my mind, this also applies to prayer requests. You might pray immediately after someone asks you to. But you truly show the request is a concern for you when you think to lift up that prayer request without having to be reminded. As well, I think of people who are grieving a lost family member, or the like. We are there for them and encouraging them in the first week after they have suffered the loss. But the pain doesn’t go away after a week with such things. In the same way, we need to be there for them and continue to encourage them by praying for them and letting them know you are still around if they need someone. This shows the heart people have… not because they feel compelled by an immediate need, but because they care enough to think about it later when no one else cares and do something about it.

(Note: I am not in anyway shunning those who feel compelled to supply for immediate needs. Rather, I just wish it wouldn’t stop there.)

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