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  1. I get my community from many online services and communication via the internet with other christians that listen and read the same sermons. Though we may not ‘see’ each other in person, we do ‘see’ each other through the ups and downs.

  2. Although the Bible never “specifically” orders us to go to church, assembling together in an area for fellowship and encouragement is stated throughout the Scriptures as a given. Every disciple of Christ met together at one time a week.

    Church is mentioned 115 times in the New Testament. It didn’t need to be commanded, because back then people had a desire from the Lord to go and didn’t try to cop out! If you were saved, you were in church. Granted, it isn’t always fun and hip and cool, but it’s Biblical and encouraging and real.

    if I’m not in church, I know that my spiritual life goes down. I need the guiding hand of the Lord in the situations of my daily life if I’m going to stay on track for him. That’s all–Peace!


  3. That’s some great insight Bob. The trick now is, how do I communicate that message to a group of people that is relevant, non-cliched, and not an attempt at an infomercial?

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